Frequently Asked Questions

We have a once-off, up front ’Integration Fee’ of *$1100.00, per gym.
(Multi-gym franchise and enterprise discounts also available).

After that, all you pay is *$150.00 per month for unlimited access and users.
(Discounted free structure also available for multi-gym franchise and enterprise agreements)

Our monthly license fee also provides you with unlimited video tutorial uploads to any XKal Fitness Smart Sticker (and editing) and the ability to upload unlimited training programs, videos and notifications to your members.

*The ’Integration Fee’ is limited to 60 ’XKal Fitness Smart Stickers’. Additional Smart Stickers are valued at $10.00 each.
*The monthly license fee is for a minimum 12 month term.

(All prices state about are quoted in $)

In less than 21 days.

Once you have registered and paid, XKal will provide you with instant access to the ’XKal Admin App’. Using the XKal Admin App, all you need to do is upload your equipment list and a digital photo for each piece of equipment and press ’submit’. Within 21 days, you will receive an ’XKal Integration Pack’ containing ’live’ XKal Fitness Smart Stickers ready for your members to Tap.Train.Track. 24 hours of the day!

Yes. Members simply download the XKal Fitness Training App via the Apple or Google store, register, select your gym (once integrated) and all VTs, training programs, videos and all other uploaded content is provided to all members at any time of the day and night.

That’s fine. All gym equipment is provided in the "Equipment Library" within the XKal Fitness Training App enabling your members to simple select their machine, train, track and monitor their performance 24 hours of the day. All VTs and uploaded content is also provided within the App.

The XKal Fitness Smart Stickers is a super easy (and very cool) way for members to instantly connect with any piece of equipment in your gym and access their cloud based digital training history, metrics and much more.

No more writing your history down in a scrappy note book, notes in your phone, excel spreadsheets or outdated training app. XKal does all this for you with a simple ’tap’.

Super simple:

Step 1: Register your details;

Step 2: Pay both Integration & first month ’Monthly License Fee’;

Step 3: Download the ’XKal Admin App’;

Step 4: Upload your equipment list and a digital photo of each piece of equipment;

Step 5: Submit to XKal and that’s it!

Within 21 days, XKal will provide you with a ’XKal Integration Pack’ containing all your live ’XKal Fitness Smart Stickers’.

All you need to do is place each labelled Smart Sticker on the the correct machine and your gym is now live with XKal Fitness!